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repo sync alternative commands

PostPosted: Thu Jan 06, 2011 8:07 pm
by MadRocker
Attached is a list of " repo " extended commands that I looked for but found few if any info on the web.
If someone can take this and transform or expand on it for a guide / our wiki or similar please do so.

Sometimes the android repo sync ends up with lots of complaints and you might not care for the android folder but only for say the toolchain eabi folders then use the force like example below.

Android download errors:

If you do get errors and you need to build android it is best to delete the android folder and copy / unzip your backup copy that you know is good then repo sync to get it updated again.

If both backup / active android folders fails during repo sync with errors it is best to do it clean as if never installed. Before I build I like to delete and do a clean download just to make sure there is no contamination from my side for a eclair / froyo / gingerbread build.

Choosing a android version:
You can also choose your -b eclair or -b froyo or -b gingerbread or soon to be -b honeycomb.
Note you might see that the total count or whatever you might want to name it changes from froyo to gingerbread to eclair, some is 158/158 other is 168/168
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Fetching projects: 100% (163/163), done.

Some commands that you can use to force overwrite or speed up the extremely long repo sync is included in this txt file.
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repo sync
repo sync -f -j6 -d

ie: repo sync , --force-broken (continue sync even if a project fails to sync) , --jobs=6 (number of projects to fetch simultaneously) , --detach projects back to manifest revision.
Detach will or should reset / remove your changes you made so use caution same with rebase.

This example takes 1 min for me to update as opposed to normal repo sync that can take upto 15 mins and time out dew to bad DNS server from my internet service provider or just because it wants too.

Also note that toolchains gcc 4.2.1 is removed already and 4.4.3 "eabi" should now be available since gingerbread intro. If you see the 4.2.1 folder + content then ignore or get with google android guys if this causes issues for you.