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[How To] unpack boot.img (ramdisk)

PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, 2012 4:35 pm
by Carlos_Manuel

If you want to port ROMs or just to get the boot files from boot.img then you can unpack them easily and very fast!

you just need these files and boot.img from Android device.. : ... z&can=2&q= <---- (the files was from the guide how to make insecure boot.img, I added new link because my edited file didn't work I did something wrong..)

Download the insecureboot.tar.gz and extract the folder from it to somewhere in ubuntu e.g. to /home/user/
Then add boot.img to that folder and then run the "runme" file in the terminal!

Open the and delete these texts:
echo "celan up"
to --->
rm new.cpio.gz

Now delete also this line:
cp ../default.prop default.prop


You can find the boot files init, init*rc, ueventd*.rc, + folders. from the "ram" folder!





Now if you are porting ROM to JetDroid then you need the zImage too, for gingerbread you should use JetDroid's 0.5pre1 Platform zImage (3.0.8 kernel), for Froyo or older Android OS use 2.6.29 kernel zImage.. You need to modify the init*.rc files for JetDroid to make ported ROM to boot on Jetdroid.. + ueventd.device.rc file needs modifying..

It's recommended to add JetDroid's own screen files: /system/lib/hw folder, /system/lib/egl folder, /system/lib/, libgles*.so files... if the ROM is for device with adreno ### GPU then hardly it even can be ported to JetDroid because it has own omx and other files for adreno GPU...

E.g. ZTE blade has Adreno 200 GPU and it's really hard to port ZTE Blade's ROMs to JetDroid, I have failed many times by trying port ZTE Blade's ROMs to JetDroid...