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Postby Carlos_Manuel » Sun Jun 12, 2011 6:02 pm

Hi all!

I tried RemoteDroid on my ZTE (needs WiFi) and PC needs this program
maybe this works on Jét (eclair where is WiFi)
Download RemoteDroid for Android (market or or where you can download it then download program for PC
open Windows Bat file
open remoteDroid on android and add this IP then connect...
and then use it... I think that works in Jét if you use JétDroid Eclair where works WiFi fine...
RemoteDroid is android app what you can use on PC mouse and keyboard...
I cant test it on my Jét because I TRY TO MAKE MY CM 6.1.1 Binary much Better But I cant.... :/
RemoteDroid works: PC/Linux/MAC...
RemoteDroid Android app: needs to work in Eclair!

from RemoteDroid Wep Page:
Key Features


Touch-screen mouse control
Two onscreen mouse buttons, with right-click/control-click functionality
Use in either portrait or landscape mode
Works with any WiFi network
Compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems

All of the above features, plus automatic connection over your wireless network -- no IP address entry required. Pro users will also receive free upgrades with new features, including Swype compatibilty (coming soon!).

Testing it in ZTE: MY VIDEO xD
JétDroid ROMs, stuff...
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