[Guide] How to add custom Boot Logo..

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[Guide] How to add custom Boot Logo..

Postby Carlos_Manuel » Sat Jul 30, 2011 1:20 pm

1. If you want the custom Boot Logo to full Screen then you need image which size is 480X800
ex: Image

2. You need to edit framework-res.apk from framework folder..
HOW: open framework-res.apk + then select assets + then select images: NOW YOU SEE IMAGES .PNG

So you need to rename your custom boot logo with this: android-logo-mask and image format need to be .png

3. now add to your custom boot logo to framework-res.apk to assets/images...
P.S you need to replace the image, it's replacing it automating....


4. Now close framework-res.apk and type to terminal "sudo chmod..." text

5. boot JetDroid and then you see the boot logo

6. Now you need to see the Boot Logo and you can use bootanimation.zip too if you don't want Custom Boot Logo

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