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Roadmap (start helping here!)

PostPosted: Fri Oct 22, 2010 4:50 pm
by Dopi
Hi JetDroid community,

please find below a list of tasks that I think should be completed before we maka new JetDroid release available.

  • Full I2C bus support (done)
  • Support for USB debugging (ADB) (done)
  • Wifi support (optional)

  • Wifi support (See above)
  • Incorporate all small fixes to the Android system that have been found so far
  • Update build environment to automate package creation (optional)

Let me now explain some more details about these tasks, how they are connected and how we can work towards acheiving them.

Full I2C bus support
This is a fundamental requirement for more driver support in the kernel. Basic I2C communication is currently possible but some of the I2C ports seem to work not or only unreliable. One problem is currently that the kernel freezes during initialization if an access to some I2C devices is attempted. This issue urgently needs to be resolved.

Support for USB debugging (ADB)
This depends on I2C support as the USB bus from the phone USB connector is connected to the application processor via a USB switch. This switch is I2C controlled. Thus no USB connection is possible unless the switch is properly setup.

Wifi support
Kernel support for the wifi module should be almost complete. The 0.3pre1 kernel package already contains an experimental wifi module (dhb.ko). Placing this module in the /system/lib/modules directory enables loading of the module from init.rc. To properly activate the module some settings and maybe even firmware binaries need to be passed to the module during loading. I tried several settings and could load the kernel module but it was not working. I assume some settings were not yet correct.
The SamDroid project uses the same driver. Thus we shoudl be able to borrow some settings from them. Files that seen to be imortant can be found here: ... pica/wifi/ or here: ... ilt/wifi/#

JetPlatform fixes and build system
Many fixed for problems of the last system release have been presented in various forums. So far not for all of them I could find a way to include them in a reasonable manner in our JetPlatform sources. Thus our JetPlatform repository and build system needs some work unless we want to manually make these fixes for every JetPlatform binary release. Starting point for this are the JetPlatform repositories in github and the development howto in this forum viewtopic.php?f=18&t=5

Volunteers who like to help working on these issus are very welcome. I you have some more insights please feel free to post them here.



Re: Roadmap (start helping here!)

PostPosted: Thu Oct 28, 2010 12:32 pm
by Thijs
Hi Dopi,

Just to make sure we all look at the same problem with respect to the I2C access (freeze) problem...

How do you reproduce the freeze exactly (compilation options, file modifications, manual actions, ...)?

Best regards

Re: Roadmap (start helping here!)

PostPosted: Thu Oct 28, 2010 12:43 pm
by Dopi
Thijs wrote:How do you reproduce the freeze exactly (compilation options, file modifications, manual actions, ...)?

I moved this discussion to the JetKernel area, here: