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Components Definition

Postby MadRocker » Mon Jan 03, 2011 7:37 am

Drivers and main part to make the phone work or ugly text part.
Driver can be modules loaded later or build into the kernel to load when the phone starts + unload if not needed to save ram.

This is Android the nice part from the android logo to shutting down.
Graphic user interface + apps + how the phone works / behaves keyboard etc.

Is there a way to build the source code of modified drivers alone in the JetPlatform project ?
You can build the driver in JetKernel.

if so please let me know how to do it.
Okay the wiki JetKernel is the place to look + google the internet how to build a kernel.

What I think you want to know is how to get the missing drivers and test them:
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cd ~/JetDroid/kernel
make jet_android_defconfig
make menuconfig
Now slowly add 1 to 3 changes then ./ , write down changes + test = good then keep the zImage + .config + .config.old + changes text document, results.txt = good = bad = slow saving changes in a new folder.
Repeat again until it does not work then go back to last working zImage you tested and only add 1 new change until problem part is found and write down problem.
Test with clean new JetDroid, NO Gapps for good results only replace zImage and ( chmod 777 zImage )
--> .config, .config.old, zImage, changes.txt, results.txt
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