How to set up the JetDroid build environment [rev 1.3]

Instructions how to set up the devlopment environment and take part in the JetDroid development

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How to set up the JetDroid build environment [rev 1.3]

Postby Dopi » Fri Sep 10, 2010 3:19 pm

There are currently two ways to set up a JetDroid build environment. This post describes the first method using all souces from the github source repositories. The second method based on source archives from the download section of the google code project site will be decribed in another post.

For obtaining a complete build environment the following things are neccessary:
  • A Linux system
  • Root access to install the neccessary tools

Next these steps neeed to be performed:
  1. Install the neccessary software packages
  2. Install + setup repo
  3. Setup your working directories
  4. Fetch the sources

Here are the detailed instructions to perform these steps:

Install the neccessary software packages
  1. Open a terminal and run the following comands to install the various tools you will need.
    Code: Select all
    sudo aptitude install git-core gnupg sun-java6-jdk flex bison gperf libsdl-dev ncurses-dev libc6-dev-i386 libesd0-dev libwxgtk2.6-dev build-essential zip curl libncurses5-dev zlib1g-dev valgrind

Install + setup repo
  1. Make sure you have a /bin directory in your /home directory
    Code: Select all
    cd ~/
    mkdir bin
    echo $PATH

    You should see something like ':/home/user_name/bin:' in a line of text. If you don't see this, try restarting your computer or add it to your path (in case you are using the bash shell) by executing

    Code: Select all
    echo "export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin" >>~/.bashrc

    and restarting your terminal. (we should admit that adding a user writable directory into the path may decrease your computer security)
  2. Download repo and make it executable
    Code: Select all
    curl >~/bin/repo
    chmod a+x ~/bin/repo

Setup your working directory
  1. Run these command to create the working directories
    Code: Select all
    mkdir JetDroid
    cd JetDroid

Fetch the sources
  1. Fetch the platform souce. These files are needed even if you only want to compile the bootloader or the kernel as it contains the cross-compiling tools.
    Code: Select all
    mkdir JetPlatform
    cd JetPlatform
    repo init -u git:// -b eclair
    repo sync
    cd ..

  2. Now fetch the kernel source. The kernel sources are needed to compile the bootloader.
    Code: Select all
    git clone git:// JetKernel
    cd JetKernel
    git pull origin testing-2.6.29
    cd ..

  3. After this you can fetch the bootloader source
    Code: Select all
    git clone git:// JetQi
    cd JetQi
    git pull origin testing
    cd ..

  4. Finally you need to create two symbolic links
    Code: Select all
    ln -s JetKernel linux
    ln -s JetPlatform/source android

Now your done! Happy compiling!
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