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JetDroid FAQ | Look here first!

Postby Bonsitm » Sun Oct 24, 2010 4:20 pm

JetDroid FAQ
This post is an attempt to collect frequntly asked questions about JetDroid so far and bring them and their answers into one place.
This is highly experimental software, so do so only at your own risk!

1. What is JetDroid?
JetDroid is a project by members of the community and their collaborators to port Google's Android OS to the Samsung Jet. This is because the Samsung TouchWiz OS is found to be not excercising the full potential of the phone.

1a. Does it replace TouchWiz (Samsung OS)?
No, it allows an extra option when turning the phone on. Its a dual boot situation like Linux and Windows on the same PC.

2. Where can I find out more?
You can look around this Forum for discussions, or check the project page here: JetDroid Project Page

3. How does it work?
It works by using a modified bootloader called JetQi to tell the phone to boot Android instead of TouchWiz on startup.

4. Is it finished?
No! It is still in active development by volunteers gracious enough to spend their free time on it. No one can know when it will be finished, but news on releases should be available when they are made.

4a. Why isnt <unsupported feature here> working?
As with all work in progress, only certain things will work as time goes on.
See this page for details.

5. When will it be released?
There is a current version released, see here
Otherwise, see point 4.

6. What features are implemented?
See the release history here

7. How can I install it?
First, you need to make sure your phone isnt under SIM lock or Network lock. Type *#7465625# and check that both are turned OFF.
Then, you can follow this guide: here
or there is an excellent video guide here

8. Where can I get JetQi?
You can find instructions on building JetQi here
or, you can find it in the JetQi subforum on this board.

9. Why are all the icons small?
This is due to the screen resolution being larger than the physical screen. A fix is described here

10. I just get a repeating Andoid animated logo, whats wrong?
The platform files on your card may be incomplete or the permissions may not have been set.
When copying the platform files, make sure you do it with 'show hidden files' checked!

To set the permissions:
1. Open a Terminal in Linux.
2. Type (Without quotes) "sudo chmod -R 777" but don't hit enter yet
3. Open your ext3 partition withoutt going into any folders any further.
4. Right click the button with the name of the partition on above the file view section and click 'copy'
5. Go back to the terminal and click at the end of the line you typed but did not submit yet in step 2 and go to 'Edit' and then 'Paste filenames'
6. Hit enter to submit the command. Enter password for your linux user account if asked for it and wait.
7. Done setting permissions!

11. After android boots, lines start appearing on the screen and the phone crashes. Whats wrong?
This is due to the limited powersaving settings on the dispaly. Its currently unable to go to sleep, so it hangs instead.
To fix this: Go into settings and display settings, then change the backlight timeout to 30mins.

12. How can I install games/apps?
To do this, you can either place the .apk packages in system -> app on the ext3 or use Astro File Manager.

13. I can't use any buttons/The buttons dont do what I read they do
This is due to which version of the key layout you have installed. A basic one can be found here and is called 'qwerty.kl'. It is placed in system -> usr -> keylayout.

14. I keep getting 'unable to mount ext filesystem' errors, and Android does not load up.
Make sure that your FAT32 Partition is the first one, then the ext3 one is second.
If you see a 'unable to mount ext2 filesystem' but it continues to boot successfully this is due to this layout. The reason behind this is that the FAT32 must be first in order for TouchWiz to be able to use it.

Another reason for this could be that your ext3 partition is too large. It has been found that anything bigger than 2GB of ext3 on your card will cause Android to fail to boot up. 1.7GB is a reccommended value.

15. What does 'Format card' do in JetDroid?
Do not do this! What will happen is the system will wipe the card it is booted from! Very bad idea!

16. The touchscreen isn't working properly!
Have you got the calibaration files set up correctly?

I'll add more to this as more is brought up. Please feel free to submit additional entries!
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