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Some Questions :oops:

Postby XiaoHongSeeD » Sat Jul 02, 2011 2:12 pm


I am new here and have some question here.I just flash into Jetdroid.yes , i have go through all the new beginner should read.

1)I cant boot into touchwiz but i can boot jetdroid. and i did some search i saw some topic, here is the answer but i cant find any download link for other version of jetqi. The 1 i used is jetqi0.2. this is the answer i searched from topics by carlos_manuel. But due to my stupidity i cant find any download links inside for other version of boot_loader? ... erVersions

2) my camera button not working.
3) my power/cancel button have switch functions with lock screen means when u press lock screen it goes to cancel. when u press cancel it goes to lock screen.
4) when i press my lock screen , my jet goes to lock screen with starting by mini-tiny black lines randomly on all over the screen and black screen.
5)i cant access to my memory card under jetdroid
6)can i change the input language? i can change my system language in to chinese for example.but not input..
7) can i change the input method? lets said in case i wan to use number key than using qwerty method?

Any Help is much more appreciated. Thanks.
P/S: Thanks to all community^ ^ you guys are rock and AWEsome..
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