Bug Visualisation

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Bug Visualisation

Postby Gargoyl » Tue May 10, 2011 7:33 am


first sorry for bad english XD
My phone runs with latest jetdroid and i found some Bugs,.. im not sure if anyone else noticed them.
I will split them in diffrent threads so its possible to separate replys.

When i use diffrent applications, somtimes there are diffrent screenvisualisation bugs:
somtime the keyboard does not appear

somtimes no live visualisation from keyboard input (you can type and execute but cant see it on screen until you close the keyboard)

If you rotate the phone keyboardinput dont work usable

Black or white screen after closing an application or return from Screensaver (i mean the secure screen where you have to concat diffrent points on screen)

Home button seems not work correctly,.. dont know if its a refresh bug vrom screen but it could be possible.

if you add widgets to desktob i cant see the application table, there is only a white or grey transparent screen but no icons, i can select them but its not really easy to select the right application if you see nothing :lol:

i hope it helps, some one have a solution or can verify these bugs

with kind regards

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