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Re: Video : NitDroid 0.4 (android 1.5) on S8000

Postby Jose_Paramore » Wed Jan 12, 2011 10:30 pm

sploutch wrote:I have test but i have every a "untracked pid *** exited" error

Oh...! I tried Samdroid in our Jet and it gaves me the same error...
Come on JétDroid team!!! ;D
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Re: Video : NitDroid 0.4 (android 1.5) on S8000

Postby MadRocker » Wed Jan 12, 2011 11:24 pm

Nice work.
Is the Gapps on the Nitdroid you tested ? as this will slow it down as well as how many modules is in the modules folder instead of in the data/local folder or something like this makes a big performance difference with the modules.

rild is it also 32bit compatibility mode if not please look at log as we need a fix for this rild issue in Froyo and Ginger

The N900 look in JetKernel -> arch/arm/configs for N900 and see what is there even though I had issues with the n900 defconfig so they must have updated it already. ( n900_jet_android_defconfig )

For me looks like same speed as Jet-Ginger / Jet-Froyo + GCC4.4.3 test kernel. Only thing is the start animation time is faster in Jet-Ginger and Jet-Froyo for me. Jet-Ginger menu is a bit more sluggish = heavy load on processor.
Max 58sec - 68sec before in menu->settings on my phone Class2 4gb card.

Jet-Froyo / Jet-Eclair menu is faster than Nitdroid video on mine phone with newer kernels.

Imagine what speed we will have once we have video and all drivers working properly = extremely fast.

The pid is something to do with init.rc and you have to use one build for froyo when using froyo or eclair when using eclair or something like that. The init.rc is version / build specific. Not sure about goldfish init or this is what I have read somewhere.

Iphone droid has issues when tested on S8000 same with one kandroid version I tested, I presume it is because it was build against the Cortex A8 kernel as this is outside / above (Arm11 s3c6410 zd1176z) but lower ARM model versions of Android phones versions should work if built using ARM6 code.

Android is very generic that is why the SDK Froyo and Gingerbread works = arm5 / arm6 code compatible builds = compatible with S8000.

We will be able to boost speeds later with modules all built into the kernel and then kernel built against uclibc and Jet-Droid built against eabi gcc4.4.3 + this uclibc kernel. Long process for optimal speed processor specific.
We can also get more speed with -mtune= zd1176** and -mcpu= something still working on this for future builds.
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Re: Video : NitDroid 0.4 (android 1.5) on S8000

Postby Carlos_Manuel » Thu Jun 30, 2011 8:47 am

This is really good and screen flickering can fix like this: ADD egl folder + egl files from Eclair, hw folder for screen and sensors, modules folder from eclair, init.rc edit it to adding # insmod. text.. + edit build.prop
like this:
Code: Select all
# begin build properties
# autogenerated by mar 15 12:30:03 CST 2009,release-keys
# is obsolete; use ro.product.device
# Do not try to parse or .fingerprint 1.5 MAIN eng.solca.20090315.123003 test-keys
# This is needed to set the dpi correctly. For some reason it doesn't figure it out for itself
# end build properties
# system.prop for NIT devices


Now it's almost perfect 1.5... only right WiFi files needs + some 2D-3D modules..
And ofc more files too...
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