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Re: How to rip Blu-ray DVD to Motorola XOOM tablet and watch

PostPosted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 12:07 pm
by Kaesar
alfonzobonzo wrote:I say bin the entire topic, its nothing to do with JetDroid & nothing new to the world of DVD ripping.
which as pointed out earlier is illegal, probably even if you are only doing it to watch a movie you allready own on a portable device.

Yep, the poster only has 1 post and its probably a bot spamming this on many forums. It has nothing to do with Android or even the Xoom tablet, it is just a guide (pretty bad one at that) advising on how to rip blu-ray's which is something we really don't want to be associating ourselves with. I would suggest deleting the topic. If people really want a guide to do this then there are a lot better ones which can be found using google. Let other sites host guides for performing illegal tasks.