JetKernel Inbuilt driver zImage.

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JetKernel Inbuilt driver zImage.

Postby MadRocker » Tue Aug 02, 2011 5:00 am

Here is a alternative JetKernel "experimental-2.6.29-MadRocker" with the jetmodules inbuilt into the zImage so no need for extra modules except maybe dhd.ko.

The purpose is to test the video and see if it is more responsive than the s3c*g2d.ko ... modules.
Wallpaper chooser seems more responsive, even with horrible ../egl + ../hw files so should be much better with nice ../egl ../hw files. Using latest openfimg g2d /g3d drivers.

It does not have MAX9880 or xsr or rfs or dpram param as there is some issues that needs working on.
Wlan / dhd is inbuilt but not sure if it is any good for now so you might need to force dhd.ko .

Please check the kernel.log there is some extra output depending on the android for Jet that you are using.

Included in the zip file is good modules that seems to help get extra output or makes new features active.
First test with only dhd.ko in the modules folder then 2nd time add this modules folder + dhd.ko and note the difference. ... z&can=2&q=

# = not there, no # = it is there in the zImage.
Code: Select all
obj-$(CONFIG_BT_GPIO)      += btgpio/
obj-$(CONFIG_CMM)      += cmm/
obj-$(CONFIG_DPRAM)      += dpram/
#obj-$(CONFIG_DPRAM_RECOVERY)      += dpram_recovery/
obj-$(CONFIG_G2D)      += g2d/
obj-$(CONFIG_G3D)      += g3d/
obj-$(CONFIG_JPEG)      += jpeg/
obj-$(CONFIG_MFC)      += mfc/
obj-$(CONFIG_MULTIPDP)      += multipdp/
#obj-$(CONFIG_PARAM)      += param/
obj-$(CONFIG_PP)      += pp/
#obj-$(CONFIG_RFS_FS)      += rfs/
#obj-$(CONFIG_ROTATOR)      += rotator/
obj-$(CONFIG_VIBETONZ)      += vibetonz/
obj-$(CONFIG_WLAN)      += wlan/
#obj-$(CONFIG_RFS_XSR)      += xsr/
#obj-$(CONFIG_CAMERA)      += camera/

Wimax not active in this zImage.

Code: Select all
<4>[    3.194332] [MULTIPDP] [dpram_thread] : BEGIN
<4>[    3.203069] [MULTIPDP] [dpram_open] : BEGIN
<4>[    3.211498] [MULTIPDP] [dpram_open] : filp_open() failed~!: -2
<4>[    3.228119] [MULTIPDP] [multipdp_init] : DPRAM I/O thread error

Code: Select all
<6>[    1.334566] g_serial gadget: Gadget Serial v2.4
<6>[    1.343763] g_serial gadget: g_serial ready
Dev Team
Dev Team
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Re: JetKernel Inbuilt driver zImage.

Postby MadRocker » Wed Aug 03, 2011 4:15 am

Does anyone know if this ... 2c.h?r=471 is a better version than our fsa9480 we have ?
Dev Team
Dev Team
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