Samsung modules for s3c6410

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Samsung modules for s3c6410

Postby MadRocker » Sun Jul 17, 2011 8:55 am

I have build a few modules that could work better or that might trigger a few more features in android for s3c6410/Jet from the samsung kernel files.

I have not yet tested any of these files so they could be good or 50% / 50% chance of working.

Anyone that wants to test and see if they can get bluetooth to work should cherry pick a few files and then test it. Same for testing any other hardware, only 1 or a few modules at a time and then check android.log and kernel.log . add / remove, chmod, restart, test, shutdown, view log files repeat.

Good android version to use should be Jet i8000 / zte / m910 /other froyo / ginger from Carlos or sdk froyo"beta1" / sdk ginger"beta1" that worked on Jet. Other CM spica version that has bluetooth working for Spica should be good for Jet as well after it has been made to work on the Jet phone.
Look for /system/lib/libbluetooth* or similar.

Use the last 24March zImage or any other zImage.

You will find the kernel .config in this download as well and you can build your own modules with the git:// files.
Remember to modify the Makefile to point to your toolchain.

Has issues and we likely need to get this fixed and into the JetKernel in the future.
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