More Huawei phones get unlocked bootloader 1

Huawei has added additional phones to their bootloader unlocking website. On this website you can enter a devices serial number and IMEI to request a code that enables unlocking a smartphone bootloader. After requesting a code via this website Huawei promises to send the the unlock code via e-mail within three working days.

Previously this service was available for the Ascend C8812 (and C8812E), Ascend G330C (C8825D) and Ascend G330D (U8825D) phones. Now the Ascend G600 Honor+ phones (C8950D, U8950, U8950D, U8950N) have been added. Besides smartphones no other devices have are available of unlocking but it can be expected that tablets will very soon appear here, too.

Once an unlocked bootloader is available it is possible to flash custom ROMs, modify the recovery system and get root access. However, that does not come for free. Huawei seems kind enough to not void the warranty by unlocking but their disclaimer states that OTA updates and listening to DRM protected content will no longer be possible. But there is surly a way around this, too. Happy hacking!

Source: Huawei

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  1. Reply Tom Nov 14,2012 17:33

    That is nice of Huawei. I think in case of Motorola you loose your warranty already by requesting the unlock code …

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