New AnTuTu benchmark scores

AnTuTu, the makers of the famous Android benchmark app, have release an updated version of their test suite on Google Play. The new 3.0 version that supersedes the current version 2.9 brings not only a brushed up user interface but also new AnTuTu benchmark scores.

In order to get an impression what difference the new version makes we ran a couple of benchmarks in both versions for different Android devices. It turns out that the new AnTuTu benchmark scores are around 20 to 30% higher than the ratings of the old version. Here are the results:

Device AnTuTu 2.9 AnTuTu 3.0
Samsung Galaxy S3 12581 16354
Goolge Nexus 7 10587 12785
Huawei U8950D 5711 6995
Zopo ZP300+ 5505 5793
Samsung Galaxy S (CM10) 3368 4107

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But where do the different results come from? A closer look at the different benchmark results yield the conclusions that some parts of the test suite remained unchanged but some underwent renovation. Both the 2D and 3D graphic benchmarks were replaced by new versions that feature more complex tests. For example an OpenGL ES 2.0 benchmark (same as in AnTuTu’s 3DRating Benchmark) was added to the 3D performance test. Thus the 2D and 3D test results have changed while the CPU and IO test results seem to remain the same. Along with the graphics benchmark result AnTuTu now also lists the screen resolution as this has a significant impact on the result. The table below shows different results for the Galaxy S3 as an example.

Test AnTuTu 2.9 AnTuTu 3.0
RAM 2728 2939
CPU integer 4327 4385
CPU float-point 3166 3133
2D graphics [720× 1280] 298 1347
3D graphics [720× 1280] 1249 3676
Database IO 490 555
SD card write 130 125
SD-card read 193 194
CPU frequency 1400 MHz 1400 MHz

As the results have obviously changed it is going to be interesting how AnTuTu manages to differentiate the results from old and new benchmarks. In case no difference is made there could be some confusion about the AnTuTu benchmark scores. Let’s hope this quickly settles and AnTuTu remains the de-facto standard for benchmarks of Chinese gadgets.

Source: AnTuTu Benchmark on Google Play

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